The government has simplified the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian driver's licenses for foreigners serving in the Ukrainian military

17.03.2023 15:35

Thousands of foreigners side by side with our defenders are defending the Ukrainian border and bringing Ukraine closer to a great Victory.

Many of the foreign soldiers are drivers of military vehicles, and on legal grounds they cannot get the right to drive a vehicle.

Therefore, the Government makes it as easy as possible to obtain public services for foreign defenders. When concluding a contract for service, they receive a military ID and the status of a person temporarily residing in the territory of Ukraine.

From now on, foreign citizens and stateless persons who have entered into a contract and undergo military service in the Armed Forces, the State Special Transport Service, the National Guard are allowed to obtain a Ukrainian driver's license with a military ticket and a foreigner's passport or a document certifying a stateless identity. This is provided for by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 14, 2023 No. 228, which entered into force and applies to the period of martial law and for three months after its termination or abolition.

Therefore, foreign citizens can undergo training at a driving school for the training and retraining of vehicle drivers and get a driver's license for the first time. As well as exchange or renew your foreign license for a Ukrainian driver's license after passing theoretical and practical exams in the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To do this, you must submit the following documents:

— a valid passport document of a foreigner or a document confirming a stateless person;

— military ID;

— certificate from the military unit with which the contract was concluded;

— medical certificate of fitness to drive vehicles (in case of passing training at a driving school and obtaining a driver's license for the first time).

If a foreigner has received a driver's license in a country that is a signatory to a bilateral agreement on the mutual recognition of driver's licenses (Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UAE), then he does not need to pass exams.

The address of the place of residence of the given other country and the address for official correspondence on the operation of vehicles shall be the address of the military unit, which is indicated in the certificate of the person's military service in the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

The service of exchanging or obtaining a driver's license is provided for the first time to foreigners even if there is no address or identification code in the documents.

Main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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