In Bakhmut, a Russian shell killed two women

04.01.2023 16:41

Today around 12:00 Russian troops hit the city with artillery. One of the shells hit the road. Shrapnel fatally crippled two elderly women.

The evacuation team of the local police “White Angel” delivered the bodies to the morgue. In the future, the identities of the dead will be established.

The women were in an extremely dangerous area and did not have the strength to quickly hide from the shelling.

Staying under fire, people risk their own lives at every moment. Therefore, the Donetsk police urge civilians in the region to evacuate to safer places and persuade their relatives to leave to escape as well. And it resembles the phone of the White Angel evacuation group on the Bakhmut outfit - 066-56-15-102.

National Police of Ukraine

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