Situation at checkpoints on the western border

14.05.2022 09:45

On May 13, 74 thousand people and more than 18 thousand vehicles crossed the western borders of Ukraine with the EU and Moldova.

Last day, 34 thousand people left Ukraine. More than 20,000 of them crossed the border with Poland, the rest followed to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

In recent days, there has been a trend towards an increase in the number of citizens returning to Ukraine. Over the past day, 40 thousand people arrived, of which more than 36 thousand are Ukrainians.

279 trucks with humanitarian aid were registered.

WE REMIND you that you can track the load of checkpoints for crossing the border into the EU and Moldova (in the Chernivtsi region) on the Facebook page of the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine - Western Border. The data is updated every three hours.

PLEASE NOTE that the passage of persons across the state border is carried out by authorized officials of the State Border Service of Ukraine under valid passport or other documents stipulated by law and international treaties.

NOTE that the passage of adult citizens of Ukraine is carried out on foreign passports in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of January 27, 1995. N 57.

IMPORTANT: in view of the situation on the territory of Ukraine during the martial law, when citizens of Ukraine cannot quickly and timely issue a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad (foreign passport), the possibility of crossing the border by Ukrainian citizens with internal passports has been extended.

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine


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