“We saved seven lives for the exchange fund”, — guard of the 18th Slavic Brigade Vlad about the work of the stormtrooper (VIDEO)

21.04.2024 13:00

Vlad, 27, is from Odessa. He has been fighting as part of the 18th Slavic Brigade of the NGU in Donetsk region for more than a year. He has up to ten successful attacks on enemy positions.


“Now I am serving in the battalion “Donbass”. This is the best place I have served in the last seven years. I have been under contract for a long time and I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to eliminate the occupiers, to do what I have to do during this war,” says Vlad.

Prior to the full-scale invasion, Vlad served under contract, but had no combat experience. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, his life changed.

“All of our attacks were very successful. During the first assault on the last sortie, we took eight prisoners. One of them was not saved, he was bleeding. We saved seven lives for the exchange fund. I hope they will be exchanged for our fighters very soon,” the soldier said.

All friends of Vladislav have combat experience, and even his girlfriend. The young man feels at war in his element.

“I'm a motorcyclist, I love adrenaline, and I'm not scared. Fear is an emotion that can be turned off. I advise everyone at the front, just try not to think about how you will be killed, how you will be wounded. Try to think about how you will kill and you will hurt. Just think correctly, like a predator, not a victim,” Vlad advises. He adds that it is courage, the desire to fight and win that unites Vladislav's group. “We are already brothers. It's forever. Even after the war, we will always help each other. This war brought us together. When I go on vacation, I miss the war. I want to storm, I like what I do.”


During the last assault, Vladislav and his group eliminated more than twenty Russians in a dungeon.

“We came to the dungeon, we could not knock it out, because the entrance was a maze. The occupiers did not want to surrender to captivity. But then we found the chimney and I, like Santa Claus, threw grenades. It was as if he brought gifts,” Vlad recalls.

For the successful combat operation Vlad and his comrades were awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree by the President of Ukraine.

His personal motivation so that in the future his children, relatives and friends do not live like the enemy lives. Vladislav assures that he will defend Ukraine until Victory!

National Guard of Ukraine


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