Security and defense forces inform about the new procedure for accrual of monetary security

31.01.2023 13:15

The amount of additional monetary remuneration to the military directly involved in hostilities does not change.

The decision to change the approach to the accrual of additional monetary remuneration will apply to rear units and servicemen who are outside the combat zone, and was adopted in order to comply with the principles of justice regarding the promotion of soldiers of the security and defense forces of Ukraine.

Now payments will directly depend on the areas of stay of the servicemen, the complexity and specifics of the combat or special tasks they perform.

The procedure for payment of additional monetary remuneration to servicemen of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system changes from February 01, 2023.

We are talking about applying a new approach to the payment of UAH 30,000 and UAH 100,000 introduced by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
No. 168 of February 28, 2022. The basis for revision of the Procedure was the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 29, 2022 No. 16355/0/1-22 and dated July 08, 2022 No.

16355/0/1-22. These government documents addressed the urgent need to optimize expenditures of the State Budget of Ukraine. The order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated September 13, 2022 No. 16355/6/1-22 on the formation of a unified approach in determining the procedure and conditions for making payments provided for by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 168 was also taken into account.

Once again, we emphasize that combat payments of UAH 100 thousand per month will be retained for Ukrainian fighters who are fighting with the enemy on the front edge. The same applies to the families of captives and missing persons — compensation payments in the amount of UAH 100,000 are also kept for them. The announced changes will affect exclusively servicemen and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who are outside the combat zone in different regions of Ukraine, military personnel and cadets of higher educational institutions, officers of departments and headquarters, as well as some other categories.

For example: as of now, all servicemen, including conscripts and cadets, in different regions of Ukraine receive an additional monetary remuneration in a fixed amount of UAH 30 thousand. At the same time, fighters who, risking their lives, perform tasks in combat areas, but do not take direct part in battles with the enemy, receive exactly the same additional payments — UAH 30,000.

In this regard, the question of differentiation of the size of remuneration depending on the place, conditions and features of service in the formations of the security and defense forces of Ukraine has matured.

At the same time, in order to increase the level of social protection of servicemen and members of their families, as of February 01, 2023, the amount of monthly (basic) monetary support (without additional remuneration) of servicemen will be increased so that its minimum level for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the State Border Guard Service will be increased. Ukraine, amounted to not less than 20 100 hryvnias, also for ordinary and senior staff of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and police officers of the National Police of Ukraine — at the level of not less than 17 000 hryvnias.

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