Request to citizens: avoid crowded places and stay in shelters during air alarms — Igor Klymenko

22.08.2022 15:05

The head of the National Police stressed that the “Air Alarm” signal cannot be ignored.

“Our enemy is insidious. And it can inflict painful blows precisely on the days of celebration of the most important state holiday - the Independence Day of Ukraine. The National Police of Ukraine continues to work in a strengthened mode. Every day more than 6,200 police uniforms come into service, and this is more than 13,000 police officers. Their main tasks are to promptly respond to citizens' calls and control the security situation on the streets of settlements and highways of the state,” Ihor Klymenko emphasized.

According to the head of the National Police, this year the number of mass events is minimized:

“This is a necessary and necessary step in the period of martial law. So please citizens to avoid crowded places and stay in shelters during air alarms. If you need police help, call 102.”

National Police of Ukraine

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