Police are asking citizens to report suspicious people on the streets

24.02.2022 10:59

Particular attention should be emphasized on people with elements of red on their clothes.

Regarding the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, police have intensified measures to ensure law and order on the streets. Police ensure the safety of citizens and public order.

At the same time, law enforcement officers draw people's attention to suspicious persons and/or objects. All suspicious items, as well as suspicious persons with red items on their clothes, should be reported to the special police line - 102.

We also ask all civilians not to go outside in uniform or tactical clothing.

Reminder: earlier, the Head of National Police of Ukraine raised all the units on combat alarm. Police are protecting law and order, and asking citizens to remain calm and trust only official information.

The Head of the National Police of Ukraine also ordered the issuance of weapons to the veterans of Internal Affairs who have expressed willing to protect Ukraine from the Russian Federation's armed aggression.

Communication Department of the National Police of Ukraine

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