Prompt information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 10 hours

24.02.2022 10:06

In the city of Nikolaev during the shelling of Kulbakinsk military airfield - one wounded. Armed forces of the Russian Federation entered the border checkpoint Pisky of Kharkiv region. In
Dnipropetrovsk region B/CH 2110 (p.

Chervona Hryhorivka) V/CH 7036 (Krasnopillya) under shelling Destroyed the location station at the airfield. Zaporizhzhya region: A military unit is under fire
in Blyznyuki V

Kamenka-Dniprovska received an explosion report. 3 houses and 1 shop were destroyed as a result of the explosion.
No casualties. An air defense unit was shelled in the village of Berda, Berdyansk district, 1 killed and 5 wounded.
In Kamenka-Dniprovsk in the central market, a shell hit a shop, damaged the gas pipeline and destroyed the roofs of three nearby houses,
no casualties, the fire eliminated the military unit PVA Blyznyuki (Zaporizhzhya district) was shelled, no casualties.

As a result of shelling from rocket systems of salvo fire from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, positions of border guards in the area of n.p. One border guard died in Preobrazhenka, Kherson region. One of the objects of the State Border Guard Service in the Kiev region was shelled.
Probably from missile weapons.

Columns of Russian tanks entered the Luhansk region on the roads of Krasna Talovka, Milove, Gorodyshche. The enemy sneakily put white cars with OSCE symbols in front of the columns.
At the moment, hostilities are taking place on this frontier. Border guards with their colleagues from the Armed Forces and the NGU hold the defense.

The National Police will issue weapons to veterans of the internal affairs bodies
Such an order today, February 24, the Head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klymenko gave to the heads of the Main Departments of the National Police in the regions. Veterans of internal affairs bodies who are ready to defend Ukraine will issue weapons.

The procedure will be simplified as much as possible due to the aggression of the Russian Federation, since the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the decision on the introduction of martial law on the territory of the state. The

issuance of weapons to veterans aims to strengthen the activities of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in ensuring law order in the territory of settlements of Ukraine. Police officers protect law order, as well as ask Citizens should remain calm and trust only official information.

Border units act in accordance with the situation unfolding in the areas of responsibility and in cooperation with all defense forces. In the area of the settlements of Kopani and Ivanovo of the Kherson region, soldiers fight with the enemy. In the area of

Skadovsk, the border command post of rapid response is fired from Helicopters. Currently, 3 border guards are known to have died.

There are wounded. Despite this, the border guards fight with the occupier.

In the Kherson region, the second bridge on the Arabat arrow was blown up in the Genichesky district. Information on the victims is specified. The

city of Mirgorod, Poltava region, during the shelling of the military airfield of the A/H A1356, four servicemen were wounded. The construction of the NGU Enemy launched strikes on the western regions of Ukraine, namely Ivano-Frankivsk airport is destroyed by missile complexes and fuel storage facilities. In addition, the enemy attacked the airport of


In the city of Lviv, sirens sound in the streets, people are evacuated to shelters.

East - the situation is calm, the military units of the NGU are not attacked, they are raised on the alarm. The center is calm, the military units of the NGU are not attacked, they are raised on the alert.

All services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the state of martial law ensure order, provide assistance to the victims, eliminate destruction and fires.

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