Luhansk oblast: transformer caught fire due to TPP shelling

22.02.2022 15:37

On February 22, at 12:34 in Shchastya, as a result of shelling from a temporarily uncontrolled area, a projectile hit a transformer on the territory of the TPP, followed by ignition, oil spill and transfer of fire to a neighboring transformer.

12 vehicles were sent to extinguish the fire of transformers, which is currently concentrated at the entrance to the city of Happiness and will be sent after the cessation of shelling.

The situation with the fire of the transformer on the territory of the TPP in Schastia is currently without significant changes, the shelling continues, the SES vehiclesis are ready. According to the personnel, there is currently no fire spreading outside the transformer site.

As of 14:00hrs., 3 transformers (40 tons of oil in each) are burning on the territory of the TPP in Shchastia. SES personnel and vehicles are at a safe distance in full readiness. The shelling does not stop.