Information about engagement of State Emergency Service units in settlements under fire from occupation forces

23.02.2022 09:25

During the past 24hrs, in the area of the Joint Forces Operation, the SES units have made 18 interventions to prevent emergencies, extinguish fires and eliminate other dangerous events, during which:

A person was rescued;

prompt response to 2 dangerous events was provided;

15 fires were extinguished in Donetsk oblast;

2.5 hectares of territory were inspected and 77 explosive devices were disposed of;

the work of seven points of assistance to local population within the entry / exit checkpoints along the contact line was ensured, provided assistance to 5 persons.

As of the elimination of the consequences of the shelling of the territory of Ukraine by the occupying forces 

As a result of shelling the settlements there were damaged:

Luhansk oblast - kindergarten, life support facilities (power lines, gas pipeline, pumping station, heating collector) and critical infrastructure facility.

Donetsk oblast - life support facility (filter station, gas pipeline, power lines), religious building, dormitory and 8 residential buildings.

1 person died, no one was injured.  

For information:

Luhansk oblast

-On February 21 at about 9.50hrs. as a result of shelling in the village Vrubivka, Severodonetsk district, the power supply line and medium-pressure gas pipe Ø 76 mm were damaged, 181 subscribers were left without gas supply; 

-On the same day February 21 at about 11.20hrs. as a result of shelling in the town of Shchastya, the pumping station № 1 was damaged, leaving about 8,000 subscribers without water supply. Repair works will be carried out after the establishment of a regime of silence by the repair crews of Shchastynsky Vodokanal and the window of the kindergarten "Zirochka" on the street Gagarin;

- At about 12.00hrs. as a result of shelling in the town of Shchastya, the collector of the heating network in the area of the TPP was damaged, 4150 subscribers remain without heat supply;

-In 46 minutes, as a result of shelling in the town of Shchastya, two tanks of the territories of 2 tanks with diesel fuel at Luhansk TPP were damaged, as a result of which two tanks flared up. SES units were not involved for the liquidation due to the lack of a "silent regime". At 15.10hrs., a fire on an area of 20 m2 self-extinguished by flare-up of diesel fuel from tanks.

- At about 16.00hrs. as a result of attacks on with Trokhizbenka, Shchastynskyi district, power supply lines are damaged, about 750 subscribers remain without power supply.

Donetsk oblast

- On February 21 at about 11.20hrs., the shelling damaged 6 residential buildings (Marinka - 2, Slavne - 1, Novognativka - 3), the building of the Spiritual Center, a car in the village Memryk of the Pokrovsky district; 

- At about 15.00hrs. of February 21, as a result of the shelling of Pokrovsky district, overhead power lines were damaged (in the so-called "gray zone"), as a result of which the Donetsk filtering station was de-energized and shut down. Preliminary reason - damage to 110 kV power lines "Makeyevka - Yasynuvata 2" (in the uncontrolled area);

- Due to the shutdown of the Donetsk filtering station, the centralized water supply of Avdiivka and 3 settlements of Pokrovsky district was suspended for a total of 29,370 persons. . As of 17:00, water is flowing to the population of Avdiivka. If necessary, water will be supplied to the population from the reservoir on schedule. The heat supply was not affected by the event. The works will be carried out by employees of energy services from the temporarily uncontrolled territory.

- At about 17.30hrs. 21.02.2022 as a result of shelling in the village of Novoluhanske, Bakhmut district (Svitlodarskaya MG), 1 person born in 1970 died), a gas pipeline and 2 private residential and abandoned dormitories were damaged. Due to damage to the gas pipe, the village Novoluhanske was partially left without gas supply.

- On February 21 at about 20.10hrs there was a fire of dry vegetation at a distance of 1.5 km from Svitlodarsk towards the demarcation line (Novoluganske village). Fire and rescue units are at a safe distance within the city of Svitlodarsk to prevent the spread of fire to residential buildings.  

Response measures 

The Main Department of the State Emergency Service in Donetsk Oblast in Krasnohorivka town has deployed and ensured the operation of a public assistance point on the basis of a secondary school (with the help of a diesel power plant, the school and boiler schools have been supplied with electricity).

Planned measures

On February 22, local authorities plan to deploy 3 heating stations in Shchastya. It is also planned to send 87 persons (including 39 children) from the families of rescuers of Donetsk oblasts to other regions of Ukraine for psychological rehabilitation.