Rescuer hero: Bogdan Sergeev saved two girls from under the rubble (video)

16.09.2023 15:00

Every year, Ukraine celebrates the winners of the All-Ukrainian action “Rescuer Hero of the Year”. It was introduced on the Day of the Rescuer, which is celebrated on September 17. Thanks to this action, ordinary citizens who showed courage and heroism during the rescue of people, property, the elimination of fires, accidents, emergencies, natural disasters receive honors.

The action takes place with the participation of the President of Ukraine. This year, the winners of the All-Ukrainian action “Rescuer Hero of the Year” were seven residents of different regions of Ukraine.

One of the laureates Bohdan Sergeev is the chief specialist of the department of operational and on-call service, communication, alert and information of the population of the Department for Civil Protection, Mobilization and Defense Work of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. The man is 41 years old.

A 25-storey residential building in Kiev was hit by an enemy rocket. As a result, there was a partial destruction of the building structures from the 16th to the 19th floors.

At that moment, Bohdan and his brother were near the scene of the attack and quickly rushed to the rescue.

“We ran to the entrance, my brother stayed with the children, and I ran inside. He began to scream. The girl responded. I helped her to go to the playground, checked all the apartments on the floor, I didn't find anyone,” Bohdan recalls.

After that, the man climbed to the upper floors of the house. There he heard a cry for help from another girl under the rubble. Bohdan pulled the girl and her dog out from under the rubble.

Taking both girls out of the building, the man saved their lives.

The stories of the “Heroes of the Year” Andrey Odarchuk and Anastasia Golubova can be found today on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


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