Individual Ukraine-NATO Partnership Program

In 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine intensified cooperation within the framework of participation in the Individual Program of Ukraine-NATO Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “IPP”).

According to the IPP, each year the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approves a list of events in which it is planned to take part of the interested structures of the security and defense sector, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in areas of interest in priority areas of development, in order to improve skills, awareness, professionalism personnel for further application of their experience in service and combat activities.

The implementation of the IPP is carried out through the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system in international cooperation events (seminars, conferences, training courses, etc.) within the framework of the specified program.

For reference, the Individual NATO Partnership Program is a type of partnership between the permanent members of the NATO alliance and non-member third countries, which provides for an allied relationship and a strategic military partnership. The Individual Partnership Programme (IPP) between Ukraine and NATO consists of international cooperation measures proposed by member states and partner countries of the North Atlantic Alliance in the format of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Working Plan (EAP).

The EAP RP project contains a wide list of training courses, seminars, conferences, symposia, working meetings, meetings of NATO committees. All activities of this project are divided into separate areas of cooperation in accordance with the main areas of cooperation between NATO and partner countries.