More than 10 million biometric passports have been issued

On June 11, 2017, citizens of Ukraine with biometric passports have been gained the right to visa-free travel to the countries of the European Union, except Great Britain and Ireland, as well as to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, which are members of the Schengen zone but are not EU members.

Every fourth Ukrainian citizen has already received a biometric passport.

In September 2018, a ten-millionth biometric passport for traveling abroad has been issued in the passport service.

After the introduction of visa-free regime there was a huge surge in demand for passports, within 12 months after the visa-free regime entered in force Ukrainian citizens have made over 5 million passports, whereas, before, the annual number of issued passports didn`t exceed 2.5 million.

Today, more than 100 Administrative Services Centers issue biometric passports

The State Migration Service has increased the number of its equipment by more than three times for the production of biometric documents, as more than 16 thousand applications on passport issuance are processed daily by this institution.

The Ukrainian biometric passport holds 27-th position in the ranking of Global Passport Power Rank 2018, while in 2014 our state was on 53-rd position.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has fully fulfilled the state task of improving the control procedures within the framework of introducing a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. In particular, 157 border crossing points are equipped with automated workplaces with biometric control function. And this is one hundred percent fulfilment of the task. The system of biometric control created by the border guard authorities currently operates at all aviation, international and interstate border crossing points with EU countries.