Tasks facing the system:

The Aviation Civil Protection Service is created in order to build an effective system of assistance to the population in the event of emergencies, prevent emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

The main idea of ​​this project:

01. All aircraft that will operate under this system will operate in a single deployment, coordination and management system.

02. In the event of an emergency, the involvement of aircraft for its elimination will be based on the functional readiness and its immediate territorial accessibility, and not on the basis of the affiliation of such equipment to a particular central executive body.

03. The planned work of the aviation units of the CEB will be carried out in accordance with their functional direction of work, at the same time, in the event of an emergency, all the necessary aircraft will be involved in its elimination.


« Already this year, Ukraine will receive the first mobile unit - a helicopter unit of the response service. This will allow us to move to a new level of quality assurance. About 55 helicopters will provide coverage systems across the country».
Arsen Avakov