1. Safe Environment
Creation of a safe environment for people's life, ensured by the activity focused on the population needs, which is performed by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, their rapid and competent response to emergencies and events that threaten personal or public security, their prevention and active participation of citizens.
2. Combating Crime
Strengthening of public safety, law and order in the state, through the implementation of preventive programs and capacity building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the field of combating crime.
3. Human Rights
Minimizing the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the activity of the MIA bodies, ensuring a rapid access of people to effective mechanisms for restitution of the violated rights.
4. Border and Migration Policy
Strengthening the security of the state border and adherence to the established migration regime, based on an integrated approach and taking into account the actual threats to national security and local needs.
5. Quality and Accessibility of Services
Formation of a stable and highly-qualified personnel of the MIA that is able to adequately respond to challenges and threats in the sphere of internal affairs. Ensuring the functioning of high-quality and accessible services of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by adhering to the standards that meet the expectations of citizens.
6. Effective Governance
Functioning of a stable, managed, technologically advanced system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, capable to withstand modern challenges and threats. Introduction of effective mechanisms of democratic civilian control and cooperation with the public, which lead to strengthening of national security.

"Today, the key to the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not only clear and concrete steps, but also optimism!"

Arsen Avakov