Written appeals to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

How to submit a written application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

You can apply in writing to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (according to the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Appeals") through the Reception of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which is located at: Kyiv, st. Bogomolets, 10. Phone: (044) 256-11-10. You can also send a letter by mail to the address: 01601, Kyiv, st. Akademika Bogomolets, 10, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

You can also apply directly to the structural units of the Ministry on matters within their competence. Contacts (addresses, telephone numbers) can be found in the section "Structure - Structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Name of the unit" We must warn you that your letter in electronic form is not an official application, it does not fall under the Law of Ukraine registration and response within 30 days. The information you send electronically may be taken into account by the Ministry's management.

Excerpt from the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Appeals"

Article 1. Appeals of citizens
Citizens of Ukraine have the right to apply to public authorities, local governments, associations of citizens, enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership, media, officials in accordance with their functional responsibilities with comments, complaints and suggestions concerning their statutory activities, a statement or petition for the realization of their socio-economic, political and personal rights and legitimate interests and a complaint about their violation. Servicemen, employees of internal affairs and state security bodies have the right to submit appeals that do not relate to their official activities. Persons who are not citizens of Ukraine and are legally on its territory have the same right to file an application as citizens of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties.

Article 3. Basic terms used in this Law Citizens' appeals should be understood as proposals (remarks), statements (petitions) and complaints set forth in writing or orally. Proposal (remarks) - appeals of citizens, which express advice, recommendation on the activities of public authorities and local governments, deputies of all levels, officials, as well as opinions on the regulation of public relations and living conditions of citizens, improving the legal basis of state and public life, socio-cultural and other spheres of activity of the state and society. Statement (petition) - an appeal of citizens with a request to promote the implementation of their rights and interests enshrined in the Constitution and current legislation or notification of violations of current legislation or shortcomings in the activities of enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of ownership, deputies of Ukraine, local councils, officials persons, as well as expressing opinions on improving their activities. Petition - a written request for recognition of a person's status, rights or freedoms, etc.

Telephone reception of citizens of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: 256-11-10
Reference Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: 256-03-33