Perlyna Prykarpattia Medical Rehabilitation Center

The city of Truskavets is a cozy and ecologically clean zone with a temperate-continental climate, a generous variety of natural resources, and is one of the oldest health resorts in Europe.

The health card of the health resort is perhaps the greatest wealth of the resort - mineral waters from 14 natural sources, among which "Naftusya" - is the leader. It is this unique and rich in medicinal properties of mineral water and brought Truskavets the fame of a world resort. An important role in the treatment of patients is played by the intake of mineral J. №1 ("Maria"), J. №2 ("Sofia"), J. №3 ("Bronislava"). There are also mineral waters for external use in the form of baths, intestinal and vaginal irrigation. And deposits of "mountain wax" - ozokerite, which is also famous for the region, have become an appropriate addition to the healing capabilities of the health resort.

n the field of balneological treatment and recreation in Truskavets, the Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Perlyna Prykarpattia" (hereinafter - IRC "Perlyna Prykarpattia") has been successfully operating for over 25 years and stands out among a number of sanatoriums.

Built on an individual project, the Center is surprisingly compact and has its own medical and diagnostic base.

IRC "Perlyna Prykarpattia" works all year round, providing treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, urinary tract, musculoskeletal system and skin.

The health resort serves employees of internal affairs bodies of Ukraine, pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of their families, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, and in recent years - participants of anti-terrorist operation.

For 5 months of 2018, the IRC treated only 3226 people, including 1533 people on preferential vouchers (including 80 participants of the anti-terrorist operation, compared to the same period in 2017 - 47 people, war veterans - 118 people, pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 723 people , participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident - 12 people), on commercial vouchers - 1693 people. Of the total number of treated persons: 1421 people, 1595 women and 210 children.

The duration of treatment is 10 days, 18 days, 21 days.

The territory of the MRC covers an area of ​​over 6 hectares, and a significant part of it is a park area. In the immediate vicinity is a large reservoir.

The health resort is located in a 10-storey dormitory building, which is adjoined by medical, administrative and cultural buildings and a dining room, which are connected to the main building by covered passages. MRC has its own pump room for rapid heating of mineral waters.

In the dormitory there are 85 single, 129 double, 9 "junior suites", 24 two-room suites. The dining room is located in two halls, provides dietary food according to the order system and the type of "buffet". In addition to the above, the infrastructure of the IRC "Perlyna of Prykarpattia" includes: a concert hall, playgrounds and a game room, swimming pool (indoor, fresh water, size - 13x5 meters), solarium, gym, sauna, cafe and more.

Such modern highly informative researches as determination of microelements, L-cholesterol, blood tests for PSA, Helicobacter-pilori, HBS-antigen, total lipids, intragastric pH-metry, ultrasound scanning, gastrofibroscopy, rheography are widely introduced into the diagnostic practice of MRC.

In the treatment, in addition to various balneological procedures, ozokeritotherapy, various methods of hardware electrophysiotherapy, pneumomassage, mechanical massage, therapeutic massage, hyperbaric oxygenation, speleotherapy, hydrocolonotherapy, circular, ascending shower, vasohnero, wiosahleuna there are dental offices and more.

Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Perlyna Prykarpattia" is a health facility known not only throughout Ukraine but also far beyond its borders, thanks to a powerful medical base, highly qualified medical staff and hospitality, for which the MRC team was awarded the Prime Minister -Minister of Ukraine from 04/18/2018 № 20189 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the health resort in April 2018.


82200 Truskavets, street S. Banderi 71,

Lviv region, Ukraine

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