Myrhorod Medical Rehabilitation Center

Myrhorod MRC has been working in the departmental medicine system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for over 37 years.

The main purpose of the center is rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation and recreation of police officers, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police of Ukraine, veterans, retirees and members of their families, as well as servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Medical indications for treatment and rehabilitation in the IRC "Myrogorod" are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrinology, diseases of the urinary system.

The main therapeutic factor is a unique sodium chloride mineral water, which contains cations of sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, cobalt, chlorine anions, sulfates, bromine bicarbonates, iodine, fluorine.

Water is supplied to the pump room from a well, 711 m deep. In addition, widely used: halotherapy (salt cave), kinesitherapy ("Nordic" gait, health courses), non-traditional treatments (herbal medicine, aromatherapy), "School of Diabetes", dental services (except prosthetics).

Particular attention is paid to the rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment of combatants, including members of the ATO, members of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) and their families.

In 2017 alone, 68 participants of the anti-terrorist operation, 32 people from their families, including 14 children, underwent a course of sanatorium treatment and medical rehabilitation at the Myrhorod MRC. And for 5 months of 2018 - 32 anti-terrorist operation soldiers.

Unique location, mild climate, picturesque terrain, clean, pleasant to the taste, healing Myrhorod mineral water - all this attracts more and more vacationers every year.

Patients can stay in comfortable adjoining rooms with all amenities, single rooms, deluxe double rooms or in a separate cottage.

Next to the MRC "Myrhorod" is a large hydro park. On the banks of the river Khorol there is a beach with gazebos and a boat station.

There is also a cozy dining room, club, A 3-D cinema, a library with a reading room, billiards, tennis and chess tables, as well as a mini-football field and a volleyball court for active recreation.


37602, Poltava region, Myrhorod, 60 Ukrainian st.,

Tel. Fax: (05355) 4-65-40

Registration: (05355) 4-66-07

Round-the-clock post: (05355) 4-63-69

Email: [email protected]

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Directions: by rail to Art. Myrhorod, from the railway station by city bus № 38.