01601, Kyiv, street Academician Bogomolets, 10
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Children's out-of-town institution of improvement and rest "Radiant" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Children's out-of-town health and recreation institution "Promenisty" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (hereinafter - DPZOV "Promenisty") offers a wonderful holiday in Bucha in a forest area near Kiev. You only need 30 minutes to get from the center of Kiev to the forest corner, where the children's institution is located.

DPZOV "Radiant" occupies 8 hectares in a well-groomed park area, the institution occupies a total of 14.5 hectares. In stock sports grounds, swings, arbours, the pool, a trampoline, bicycles.

Children receive 5 meals a day in the 250-seat dining room, as well as round-the-clock medical care. Children are provided with a uniform with the camp logo.


Children live in 2-storey brick buildings, in rooms for 4 men. Conditions on the floor. All rooms have loggias with access to the camp.

Educational and cult work:

Educators - students and graduates of the National Pedagogical University named after MP Drahomanov and the University. B. Hrinchenko according to the calendar of events. There are clubs: "Fine Arts", "Skillful pens", "Embroidery", "We love football", "Everybody dances", "English Club". Others are organized when children are interested. There are master classes, a festival of paints "Holly Fest". Educational and entertainment events are held with the participation of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies.

A festive bonfire is held for the opening and closing of shifts, a theatrical program is held 2-3 times per shift.

A tour of the city with a visit to Central Park (extreme park "Crazy Squirrel").

The security of the institution is provided by the Security Police Department in Kyiv region.