Creation of new units
National Police of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, MIA Service Centers. 156 points for providing administrative services throughout the country have been launched. A patrol police, special purpose unit KORD (Corps of Rapid Action) has been created, which is an analogue of the American S.W.A.T. A Road Police and Cyber Police units have been launched. The reform of the State Migration Service and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has been launched. The main result of this reform is the receipt of visa-free regime by Ukraine with 32 countries of the European Union.
Law enforcement service
The single number 102 and the National Police call-center have begun to work. A unified analytical service center (UASC) has been launched, the National Police Situation Center has been established. A new police system for law enforcement infrastructure in rural areas has been created, for small towns and villages - groups of rapid response. A unified system of aviation security and civil protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been created. 55 helicopters of the Airbus Helicopters company will be the basis of a modern helicopter service in the MIA authorities, namely, the State Emergency Service, the State Border Guard Service, the National Guard and the National Police. The first helicopters have already arrived in Ukraine. New units of the river and maritime police have been launched.
State border protection
The SBGS has developed and approved the Integrated Border Management Concept and the targeted law enforcement program. Construction and reconstruction of the state border, Engineering Plan of the Ukrainian-Russian section of the border. The project "New face of the border" has been launched, a special purpose detachment DOSOR has been created. With the creation of the SES, the fire inspection has been liquidated. A new emergency prevention system is being implemented, with the obligatory inspection of high-risk enterprises and public institutions. The network of local fire brigades has been expanded. For the first time volunteers are involved in the fire protection. SMS has begun issuing a plastic ID card. In June 2017, the EU introduced a visa-free regime for the citizens of Ukraine who hold a biometric passport.
Results of the 2020 Strategy
The sequence of reforms
The Ministry of Internal Affairs is a multidisciplinary, service-oriented, civilian agency of the European model, which forms a law-enforcement and security policy. The Ministry of Internal Affairs became the first ministry with complete rejection of the functions of direct implementation of state policy and impossibility to influence the activities of practical units.