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Ukraine and France expand cooperation in the field of public safety (PHOTOS)

22.11.2017 10:19

On November 21, 2017, during a working visit to France at the invitation of the French Republic, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov met with the French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

During the working meeting, the parties discussed a bilateral agreement on the mutual exchange of driving licenses and cooperation in the field of public safety, including the countering of cybercrime.

"I want to thank you for your support and the significant contribution of France to reforming the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The agreement on the mutual exchange of driving licenses, cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, the fight against international organized crime and the exchange of experience between the French gendarmerie and the National Guard of Ukraine are for us the priority areas of cooperation", - stated Arsen Avakov.

Such bilateral agreements on mutual recognition and exchange of driving licenses are already in force between Ukraine and Spain (2010), Ukraine and Italy (2016).

These Agreements on Mutual Recognition of Rights provide that citizens of Ukraine who legally reside in Italy or Spain, and also citizens of these European countries legally residing in Ukraine, can exchange their national driving licenses for similar documents of the country of residence.

"Until now, a person with the Ukrainian driving license could drive in European countries for no more than a year, and then he/she had to obtain a national license by passing written and driving exams and paying a fee of  EUR 600 to 1000.

Simplifying and reducing the cost of the procedure for mutual recognition of national licenses and their exchange is not some special or isolated case now because it concerns many Ukrainians who today live and work in Italy, Spain, and France. It is very important and relevant issue for us.

Therefore, we will make every effort to agree on the mutual exchange of driving licenses with France", - said Arsen Avakov.

In turn, Mr. Gerard Collomb, the French Minister of the Interior, stated that France is ready to support the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine related to the mutual exchange of driving licenses, as well as to the increased cooperation with Ukraine in the security area.


The Agreement on the mutual exchange of driving licenses applies to Ukrainian citizens who:

• legally reside in Italy or Spain;

• reside in these countries for less than four years;

• have valid Ukrainian driver's licenses.


• The right for exchange, of course, does not cover invalid or forged documents;

• Citizens who, for health reasons, can not drive vehicles, will not be able to use the procedure for the exchange of licenses;

• Exchange covers only those types of vehicles that are specified in national licenses.

The new agreement does not abolish the law, according to which Ukrainians in Italy and Spain, and Italians and Spaniards in Ukraine have the right to use national driving licenses only during a year after receiving an official residence permit.

However, now the exchange of licenses will take place without passing the exams and, accordingly, without paying the fees.

The exchange procedure will take some time since the validity and authenticity of the documents will be carefully checked.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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